K1 Music Programme

An important aspect of music in the curriculum is the way it contributes to the personal, social, mental and physical development of the child. In K1 work on co-ordination of mind and body begins through singing action songs, playing singing games, tapping rhythms, moving to music and playing in time while simultaneously listening to others.

Language and speech development is enhanced through exposure to a wide variety of songs, containing new words and phrases. These words are used and extended in responding to music, describing sounds heard, feelings sensed, or stories related.

The development of listening skills, a critical aspect of all learning from an early age, receives special attention through the exploration of sound and the identification of and discrimination between sounds in the environment, leading to increased sensitivity to musical works. Listening skills are also emphasised in performing and composing activities, where the development of ‘inner hearing’ (or thinking in sound) is nurtured.

Music in K1 begins by enhancing the child’s self-esteem through allowing him/her to see his/her own inventions valued and enjoyed by others, and to participate in singing games, songs, dances and group performances where each individual’s contribution is vital to the group’s success.

We are excited to be introducing a new piano teaching programme for individual lessons for K1 and K2 students this year called Wunderkeys. Originally developed in Canada 6 years ago, this programme has been specifically designed for children aged 4-6 years of age. The programme teaches very young students, with no prior musical experience, piano skills, keyboard awareness and rhythmic understanding. Every lesson involves 5 unique and exciting activities ensuring a young child remains engaged and active involving finger dances/exercises, musical card games, counting songs and pattern play. Lessons also include a home activity sheet with activities designed for parents (with no prior musical knowledge) to support their child’s learning between weekly lessons. Early maths is also well integrated into the programme. The Wunderkeys programme successfully leads the young piano student into our mainstream piano books in P1. This year Wunderkeys students will learn with Ms. Linsey Dempsey.