String Programme

All children from K2-P6 learn a stringed instrument in class groups.

Our STRING PROGRAMME begins in K2. Using the Suzuki Method, all children learn how to hold and violin and bow correctly and master basic bowing and plucking rhythms.

In P1 children play some simple pieces by ear and become more proficient in their playing techniques.

In P2 children learn to read music and are allowed to bring their violins home to practice.

In P3 the children can choose to learn either cello, violin or double bass. The children are assesed by our cello, violin and double bass teachers as to their suitability for each instrument. Cello is taught in groups of 4-7, double bass in groups of 4-6.

In P4 – P6 violin, cello and double bass teaching continues as the children become more skilled in their playing and reading of music. Orchestra is available to all children from P4-P6.